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- PikoLoad
- PikoTest
- PikoEval
PikoSys GmbH offers products for the use in commercial vehicles.

For fleet owners:
Save time and money with the download of the data from the digital tachographs and avoid problems with the authorities. Our product PikoLoad takes care of this task for you.

For fleetmanagement suppliers:
You want to offer to your customers the possibility to fulfil the legal requirements for downloading the mass memory of a digital tachograph and the driver card
in short time?
Use our product PikoLoad!
You will be able to offer the extension of your fleet management application with remote download in short time, low cost and without a lot of efforts for implementation.

For work shops:
Get a clear view on the function of the FMS interface in your vehicles. Our product PikoTest assists you properly.

You would like to know whether your tachograph supports remote download or the remote download works correct?
Our product PikoTest assists you properly.

The wiring harness is missing to connect the digital tachograph?
Have a look at our webshop Web-Shop.